Social Responsibility Policy

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The company is committed to employee care, environmental protection, employee health and safety maintenance and social participation. We follow the relevant guidelines of corporate social responsibility, promote the well-being of the relevant stakeholders, pursue the sustainable operation and development of the enterprise, and fulfill the corporate social responsibility, and specifically follow the corporate social responsibility policy and code Of conduct.
【Environment policy】
Observing laws and regulations
Comprehensively saving energy and reducing waste
Reusing effective resources
Promoting environmental quality
【Occupational safety and health policy】
People first
Prevention first
Continuous improvement
【Social responsibility policy】
Maintain and respect labor rights
Comply with ethical standards
Fulfill corporate social responsibility
1. Comply with international, government-relevant labor, environmental protection, safety and health regulations.
2. Ensure that all works are taken freely and without any coercion, corporal punishment, abuse or compulsory conditions for employment.
3. DO NOT employ child labor.
4. Prohibit discrimination in the form of ethnic, national or social origin, social class, descent, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, trade union membership, politics, age or others over employment, remuneration, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal or retirement.
5. Prohibit any form of sexual harassment.
6. Strictly abide by relevant international and national regulations over working hours, salary and welfare regulations; publicize all management practices to employees.
7. Set up reasonable and legal disciplinary measures.
8. Set up internal and external communication channels. Internally encourage communication and direct interaction between employees and management; externally communicate and display company policies through company websites and announcements.
9. Company business and employee operations adopt the highest standards of integrity and ethics and follow the rules of management in good faith, including but not limited to clean business, fair trade, public information and practice against unfair income and false advertising.
10. Participate in labor organizations or trade unions or other collective bargaining organizations subject to national or local regulations.
11. DO NOT employ, directly or indirectly, conflict metal from illegal mines.
12. Respect and protect any technology, expertise, documents and materials of, international and local, customers to ensure information safety and security.
13. Exclude any commercial activities with organizations or individuals that violate the above policies.
14. Actively participate in government and community activities and encourage partners to jointly promote and fulfill corporate social responsibility.