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Professional talent cultivation

ACES has spared no effort in the cultivation and development of talents, providing employees with an open and diverse learning environment to continue improving their professional knowledge and self-development through various methods such as internal and external training, internal public courses or mentoring.

Newcomers to ACES shall learn fast and adapt to the company environment with the help of new personnel education and training and post function specific training system.
ACES provides employees with a wide range of training programs including unit internal training, internal public courses, work rotation, project assignment and overseas assignments to grow their professionalism and personal development.
ACES organizes management training programs such as leadership, organizational strategy, team coaching from time to time to advance management and leadership of the management team.

ACES implements the following training courses according to annual training program:
1. New hire pre-employment training:
Newcomers shall undergo an orientation training program within three months after their onboard date; the latter shall cover company culture and organizational introduction, operating system description, quality policy and quality management system introduction, environmental safety and health awareness promotion and environmental safety management system introduction. The Unit head shall organize a complete pre-employment education and training program to help newcomers quickly understand the corporate culture, adapt to the workplace environment and become familiar with the coming works.

2. Specific technique training:
2-1. Internal training: enhance employee skills and improve existing productivity and work efficiency with experience, professional knowledge and skills through training program conducted by unit heads or senior staff as internal instructors.

2-2. External training: ACES provides resources for employees with advancement needs to attend courses by professional training institutions to advance their professional knowledge and skills. ACES encourages employees to take on-the-job training to continuously learn new knowledge and enhance self-competitiveness.

2-3. Certification training: get personnel of professional functions attend professional certification training courses as required by regulations.