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Develop a green and friendly environment
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1. Set up "RoHS control procedure" to ensure compliance of production environment relevant substance with international environment protection regulations and customer requirements. Specifications available for incoming materials (metal components, plastic components, packaging materials, auxiliary materials), articles and substance required for components finished goods production.

2. ACES sets up the "RoHS operating guidelines" to ensure compliance with applicable hazardous substances regulations including RoHS and WEEE directives and customer requirements. Regarding raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods, packaging materials, auxiliary materials, consumables and purchased products employed by products designed and manufactured by ACES: those without clear definition in this standard yet banned or restricted by customer or regulations, rules of the latter shall apply.

3. ACES sets up the "RoHS operation guidelines"; After the launch of RoHS and WEEE directives by EU in 2003, the product environment protection requirements management initiated by SONY, DELL, and other leading global brands have changed the safety conformity and reliability centered product specification into environment protection specification cored ones; along with these are a series of green requirements addressing materials employed by individual products. Addressing this, ACES has made complete surveys over product substance of suppliers' existing trading material and mandated their providing substance concentration in materials provided as the basis for ACES's selecting suppliers and materials.