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  • Introduction of ACES Group

    ACES Group Founded on November 1996.
    Headquarters: Taoyuan, Taiwan
    Production Sites:Taiwan, Kunshan (China) and Dongguan (China)
    Other Business Locations:USA, Japan, Singapore, Beijing(China), Chongqing (China)
    Specializes in the development of high-end precision connectors and wires, and the design and manufacturing of precision molds Products are used for an extensive range of applications including notebook PCs, consumer electronics, LCD panels, mobile phone, medicine, cloud computing and automobile equipment


    ACES has been growing steadily for more than two decades since its foundation in July 1986 based on enlightened leadership, excellent employees, cooperative teams, sensitivity to fast changing electronic products and everlasting R&D investments. ACES is now ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. In addition to the Taipei company, ACES has factories in the Philippines and Dongguan, Suzhou, Chongqing in China with products sold to leading computer makers in Taiwan and America.


  • Compupack Technology CO., LTD

    The company is engaged in the production and trading of connectors, cables, quartz oscillators and other products required by computer, communication, and consumer electronic (3C) industries.

    Electronic components including quartz oscillators and computer connectors; CPC Groups are located in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, USA, and Europe among others.


  • Kuang Ying Computer Equipment CO., LTD

         Founded in 1991, Kuang Ying has been partnering with global well-known enterprises and providing professional computer peripheral components processing services. We are also confident in developing CPU card supporting brackets, mobile widgets, plastical component parts, plastic injection components and consumer electronic product manufacturing.

         Our highly developed technics and experience in plastic injection, combined with our normalized and standardized manufacture controlling, enable us to reach the top accuracy in our products.  We are also being active in polishing our professional technologies, making breakthroughs in our manufacturing technics and pursuing automatization. We apply automized equipment in our manufacture line, in order to be economic in manpower, materials, and costs, which allows us to minimize our delivery time and optimize our services. Our consistency in manufacturing process also reflects in our competitive standing in the market.


  • Genesis Technology USA Inc.

    At Genesis, we have developed an inhouse team of experts from sales to engineering, through to our manufacturing and development team, regardless of location. Our engineering team will collaborate with your sales and development people to provide outstanding service with dedication to detail and reliability.