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Stakeholder pages

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Communication and interaction with stakeholders is an important part of the company's operations. Through a diverse and smooth communication channel, we understand the needs of stakeholders and respect and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

The company's main stakeholders are shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, neighboring community and social welfare groups, government agencies; ACES and its stakeholders have important issues and communication channels as follows:

Stakeholder concerned issues and communication channels
  • Stakeholder
    Important issues
    Communication channels and response methods
  • Stakeholder
    Dividend policy
    Operating performance
    Risk control
    Corporate governance
    Information transparency
    Industrial competitive advantage
    Contact window: Miss Li, Miss Zeng
    E-mail: ir@acesconn.com

    Shareholders' meeting
    Market observation Post System (MOPS)
    Company website
    Spokesperson and proxy spokesperson system
  • Employee
    Salary and welfare
    Career development
    Employment safety and health
    Labor relations and grievance mechanism
    Contact window: Mr. Qiu
    Set up employee opinion mailboxes on the company intranet

    Labor conference
    Performance appraisal system
    Employee opinion mailbox
    Quarterly employee meeting
    ACES Electronic Quarterly
    Unit in charge of environmental safety and health
  • Customer
    Customer service and satisfaction
    Appeal system
    Green product
    Contact window: Mr. Lai
    E-mail: acesglobal@acesconn.com

    Customer service unit
    Company website
  • Supplier
    Integrity operation
    Financial status
    Supplier management
    Contact window: Mr. Zeng, Miss Zou
    E-mail: supplier@acesconn.com

    Supplier annual assessment and quarterly review
    Procurement communication
  • Neighboring community and social welfare group
    Environmental protection
    Social welfare
    Contact window: Mr. Qiu
    E-mail: csr@acesconn.com

    Hosting good neighboring program
    Hosting public welfare activities
  • Incumbent entities
    Regulation conformity
    Contact window: Mr. Qiu
    E-mail: csr@acesconn.com

    Correspondence and telephone communication
    Attend seminars organized by incumbent entities