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Sustainable growth and environmental protection

1. ACES is committed to make the most of resources
Employ non-polluting and non-toxic environmentally friendly materials for production, improve process and operating management to reduce waste and lower production costs. Regarding wastes, scraps, defective products produced are calculated and recovered through effective management procedures. Those recycled wastes are handed over to qualified waste recyclers for scrap and recycle once filed to EPA as required by law.

2. Environment management of ACES covers:
2-1. Exhaust gas, waste water, wastes, noise and chemical substances generated by the company's processes are in compliance with regulations.
2-2. Management power, water resources, air-conditioning and other resources with given targets.
2-3. Plants in Taiwan install T5 lamps while those abroad are changed to LED lighting equipment by individual area to reduce lighting power consumption.
2-4. Add air-conditioners with variable frequency equipment to reduce power consumption for energy saving and carbon reduction; align with government policies to set up air conditioning operating specifications and keep indoor temperature in summer above 26 Celsius.
2-5. ACES is ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certified.

3. ACES is committed to executing energy saving and carbon reduction measures
For example, scheduled on/off of individual lighting zones, turning off the lights during lunch break, installing curtains to isolate the heat source, wall fans for improved air convection, setting the air conditioning temperature and improving process air pressure, and enhancing energy saving and carbon reduction and greenhouse gas reduction efficiency. The fish pond is equipped with a rainwater tank; waste water shall first be pumped into the sewage reservoir and recycled through the water collection pipe.

Thanks to its years of care taking, ACES won the "Outstanding Enterprise Class" award of the 10th National Brand Yushan Award in 2013. In 2014, it won the "Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises of the Year" of the 16th Golden Summit Awards (Large Enterprise Group) held by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association. In 2018 it won the "Outstanding Enterprise Class" award in the 15th National Brand Yushan Award. We hope that the future will be shared by more talents, technology and industry. In addition, in 2015, ACES won the second place in the "Corporate Citizen Award - Little Giant Group" by the CommonWealth magazine, with sustainable company management and care about social welfare and social responsibility.