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ONEmade PRO, the Best-Value Display Adapter available on the market, surmounts your wireless display


    With the rapid development of information equipment, the demand for commercial projection and home audio-visual expansion continues to increase. Major industry players have launched new products, hoping to provide consumers the wireless projection solutions with the best value. However, most of the projection converters’ connection quality on the market is unstable although with a lower price, or the price is too high for people to get it. ACES Group, a domestic manufacturer, recently launched the ONEmade PRO, a projection converter with the best value on the market. Not only is the price affordable, but more importantly, the long transmission distance and stable quality can effectively meet consumers' needs for stable wireless projection.


     Hsing-Hung Lin, Sales general manager of ACES Group, said that most of the same types of products on the market are entry-level TV sticks. Although the price is about NTD$1,000 to NTD$2,500 low, the short transmission distance and unstable connection quality often cause inconvenience to consumers. On the other hand, a product with a long transmission distance and stable quality with the price more than NTD$30,000 is nearly hard for normal families to buy.


     ONEmade PRO launched by ACES Group not only can effectively solve the above problems, but more importantly, the price is less than NTD$4,000 which consumers can easily take it home. ACES Group further stated that the most important key of the unstable transmission quality among similar products in the past is that the network used for the connection is the on-site WiFi which resulting to a worse quality of the transmission with too many factors that affect the stability of the connection. While ONEmade PRO has the 5G-WiFi private protocol, the customers no need to worry about external interference. Besides, it doesn’t need any application programming and additional settings or even installing software to do automatic pairing and screen casting which greatly increase its convenience. The wireless coverage is even up to 10M. Its stability and wireless coverage can rival those high-end products with the price more than NTD$30,000 on the market. It also helps you easily solve the troublesome projection dilemma that the HDMI/VGA cable is not long enough


     Looking to 2024, the global USB Type C market's compound annual growth rate will reach 30%. Therefore, whether it can support USB Type-C is also the key to consumers in choosing similar products. ONEmade PRO is not only one of the few products on the market that can use USB Type-C power supply, but also can converts the USB Type-C port to HDMI/VGA wireless transmission, allowing computers, tablets, and mobile phones to support both HDMI and VGA output at the same time, which is equivalent to simultaneously transferring one picture onto two screens, making the projection more flexible.


     Hsing-Hung Lin, Sales general manager of ACES Group, said that creating a high value solution has always been the goal of ACES Group in product development. The wireless display solution with the highest value in the market today, ONEmade PRO, will go on sale on the fund-raising platform FlyingV from October 5. With exclusive offers during the pre-order period for new products, the consumers are welcome to take it home.


Web -> https://www.flyingv.cc/projects/26920?preview=a2b67539-ba31-419b-aadf-5d413e4d8754

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