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ACES Electronics sets up a factory in Taitung, creating a new era of precision machining at the East Taiwan


The opening ceremony of ACES Precision Machinery invited distinguished guests from all walks of life in Taitung to cut the ribbon. ACES Precision Machinery, a subsidiary of ACES Group, is located in Fengle Industrial Zone, Taitung County. It held a grand opening ceremony on October 24. ACES Precision Machinery is a subsidiary of ACES Electronics, a well-known listed connector manufacturer in Taiwan. This move also represents the determination of ACES Electronics to expand its industrial territory to the east and deepen the eastern Taiwan.


On the day of the ceremony, a number of elite representatives from industry, government, and academia were invited to come and give guidance, including Taitung County government officials and local schools at all levels, including Taitung Technical College, Gongdong High Engineering school and Taitung University, etc. had come to congratulate and to share the joy of building the factory. And also communicate for future related industry-academic cooperation projects. ACES also arranged guided tours of the factory to explain to the VIPs the latest precision machine tools purchased in Europe, America and Japan.


ACES Electronics is committed to becoming an international leading brand in the connection industry, specializing in the development of precision connectors for information products, and focusing on the improvement of precision manufacturing capabilities. In addition to setting up factories and offices in many foreign regions for global operations, ACES Group will officially become the group's first highly anticipated rising star in Eastern Taiwan.


Wan-Ting Yuan, Chairman of ACES Group, said in his speech that he has had many beautiful encounters with Taitung for a long time. Investing in Taitung to set up a factory is not only a clever opportunity in life, but also his own wish. As an entrepreneur, he saw Taitung’s young students have to leave their favorite hometowns and family members and go to other places to work alone in order to earn a living, and only during the holidays can they return home and reunite with their families for a short time. The main reason is that they are limited to the development of local industries and place more emphasis on tourism services, which makes it difficult to guarantee everything. People can only develop locally, and if they want to learn multiple skills, they must be forced to leave their homes. This makes him feel very disappointed.


Chairman, Wan-Ting Yuan, further mentioned that our long-term associations of work are often adjectives such as busy, complicated, crowded, and tired. The industrial environment created by people, pollution and crowding make people lose breathing space with the land. And cited the international mobile phone manufacturer Apple’s California headquarters as an example. It achieves the interdependence between buildings and trees, which means that the economy and the environment are by no means incompatible, and a high-quality working environment can create the best output value. In the bottom line, we people should still focus on the word "home" in the sense of work. How to work hard to achieve our ideals without leaving our favorite hometown and family is the best choice for both worlds. , Hence the birth of ACES Precision Machinery.


Wan-Ting Yuan also pointed out that while pursuing the growth of business operations, our vision is to regain the interdependence between land and humanities, as well as to achieve a close relationship between work and life, and hope to create a new industrial model in Taitung. To do all of this, the government, enterprises, schools, and professionals need to work together. Because he is convinced that the land of Taitung has the absolute potential to become a powerhouse in precision industry like Switzerland and Japan, and to retain the world-famous sightseeing beauty. In addition, ACES has never forgotten the original intention of giving back to the society. It also regards CSR corporate social responsibility as one of the automobile group's DNA. In addition to accumulatively donating dozens of ambulances across the province over the years, it also cooperated with Taitung for the first time in October this year. The municipal government cooperated with the donation of three mobile library vans to three townships in Taitung County to shorten the gap in remote library resources. This is also a concrete practice for ACES Electronics to devote itself to public welfare.