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ACES and National Central University promote the "WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen" documentary


ACES Electronics, a well-known domestic connector manufacturer, recently cooperated with the Teaching and Learning Development Center of the Academic Affairs Office of National Central University for the first time on October 7 to hold "the 10th WildViewTaiwan Film Festival ", hoping to stimulate students to explore ecological environment protection and deepen the understanding and protection of biodiversity. Further, consider the importance of environmental balance and healthy life. On the day of the event, more than 300 students participated, and Wu Yingluo, director of the Teaching and Learning Development Center of the Academic Affairs Office, made the hook in person and participated in the whole process, and all the audience enjoyed the brilliant documentary "Earth Pulse 2: City".



After watching the video, Chen Jiawei, manager of the Management Department of ACES, led the discussion on the possibility of the coexistence of wild animals and the human environment in the film along with the prized-quiz, which led to overwhelming response. In the future, this film festival will plan to launch a series of lectures to cooperate with local schools in Taoyuan to promote environmental education issues, from universities to neighboring primary and secondary schools, businesses and local neighborhood communities, and strengthen the promotion of biodiversity and the importance of natural environmental protection.



ACES is committed to becoming an international leading brand in the connector industry, specializing in the development of precision connectors for information products, and focusing on the improvement of precision manufacturing capabilities. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of taking from society and using it for society. In recent years, it has been continuously investing in social welfare activities, and it regards CSR corporate social responsibility as one of the group's DNA.



In addition to donating dozens of ambulances and mobile library vehicles throughout the province over the years, the company has also cooperated with the National Central University in recent years, combined with the selection of the company’s excellent employees, organized a charity competition for universities and colleges in the Taoyuan area, and provided scholarships to The school associations that are interested in engaging in public welfare activities perfectly combine the university social responsibility USR and corporate social responsibility CSR. This year, we will also co-sponsor and introduce the award-winning ecological and environmental documentary film at the Wildscreen Film Festival in the United Kingdom in cooperation with the Taiwan Wild Vision Association, which has a long-standing reputation as a green Oscar in the world.