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"On March 26, 2010, ACES Electronics made ambulance donations and employee recognition."


On March 26, 2010, ACES Electronics made an ambulance donation and the Excellent Employees Recognition.

March 29, 2010

ACES Electronics Co., Ltd.    celebrated its First Anniversary of being listed on the TWSE and held an ambulance donation and Love Taiwan Journey charity activity.

ACES Electronics was founded in 1996, and it mainly manufactures precision electronic connector products, which can be applied to the industrial fields of laptop computers, consumer electronics, and digital communication. The company is located in Chungli City, Taoyuan County.

In an opportunity a few years ago, President Yuan was told by a friend ……………
An ambulance with basic equipment costs up to NTD 1 million, and it needs to be replaced every 6 years. For the majority of local government facing fiscal deficits, the cost of ambulances is a great expense. It happens all the time that ambulances are so old or the quantity of ambulances is not sufficient such that the rescuing time will be affected.

Consequently, after President Yuan learned this, he made a wish. He purchased an ambulance personally and donated it to people in need of help. In 2005, the President made an ambulance donation in the name of his parents to his home town, Yangmei Township; In 2007, he donated another ambulance in the name of his parents-in-law to Waibu Township, Taichung City.

However, President Yuan hopes to involve all ACES people in the charity activities. Therefore, two years ago, ACES officially started the engagement of charity activities ……………

Before the ambulance donation, ACES will firstly select the "recipient unit". ACES has established a unit in charge of surveying the actual situation of the medical units in remote areas by using the data released by the Ministry of the Interior as a reference to ensure which county/city is in the most need of an ambulance through the visiting of each unit for interviewing the real situation. After internal evaluation, the recipient units will be selected. The whole process takes four months. Our goal is to make sure each ambulance can make the best assistance. Meanwhile, every year, ACES selects an excellent employee and then donates an ambulance in the name of the employee to a county/city in need of an ambulance. The first ambulance donations were given to the places where the bases of ACES Group are located, including Taoyuan County Chongli City, Chiayi County Dabu Township, Pingtung County Majiasiang Township; The second ambulance donation was given to places including Taipei County Shenkeng Township, Nantou County Guoxing Township, and Taitung County Ludao Township. The expense of the two donations amounted up to NTD 10 million. Today (March 26), we held the 3rd Excellent Employee Recognition and will make ambulance donations in the names of the employees, including an ambulance donated to Taitung County Luye Township named after "Lin Ying-yun"; an ambulance donated to Nantou County Shuili Township named after "Chen Qi-chang"; an ambulance donated to the Changhua County Health Bureau named after "Huang Fei-xiong". These donations are especially made to recognize the three excellent senior employees and the give them the highest honor.

In addition, the fourth ambulance was purchased by the president personally, and it was donated to the Yilan County Health Bureau. He personally greatly appreciated his uncle Yuan Jin-qing and his aunt Yuanhuang Yin-xia who have given support and care to the family. In recent years, they are both not doing so well due to old age, so President Yuan, who is their nephew expressed his filial piety to his elders, and the ambulance was donated in the name of his uncle and aunt and he wishes his uncle and aunt a healthy, safe, and happy life.

Last year (2009) during the Eight-Eight Flood, southern Taiwan was hit seriously, and every Taiwanese was concerned about the situation of the disaster. At that time, one of our employees was watching TV at home about the rescue situation, and he saw the ambulance named after the excellent employee Qiu Shi-min rescuing people in Pingtung County Xiaolin Village. At that moment, the employee and the excellent employee felt so impacted and touched.…………

This is the biggest harvest benefitted from the charity activities.

Today, (March 26, 2010) happens to be the First Anniversary of ACES being listed on the TWSE, and it represents that ACES will bear a bigger social responsibility. From the north to the south, from the east to the west, we hope to see ACES's contribution and efforts made by all personnel to society.


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