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"ACES Electronics donated the ""ACES Academy Auditorium"" to National Central University. "


ACES Electronic Donated the "ACES Academy Auditorium" to National Central University

June 13, 2010

Yesterday, ACES Electronics  (on June 12)  donated the “ACES Auditorium” to National Central University.

Yesterday (June 12)  ACES Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to National Central University Graduation Ceremony as well as to participate in the Donation Ceremony of the ACES Academy Auditorium. Deputy General Manager Yang Zong-lin of the ACES Electronic Research and Development Center, the Vice Chancellor of National Central University Lee Cheng, and the Dean of the College of Management Zhang Chuan-zhang jointly hosted the event.

The President of ACES Electronics graduating and receiving a Master's Degree in 2005 from the high-level Executive MBA program at National Central University, as well as numerous high-level supervisors and employees having studied in National Central University, and even in the Graduation Ceremony this year, a few employees of ACES graduated from
National Central University. During these years of growth, ACES and its employees have been accompanied by National Central University and its professors. The mutual relationship involves intense interaction.

In an occasion chatting with the professors of National Central University, President Yuan understood that the International Conference Hall on the first floor of the Guan 2nd Building of College of Management has been used for over 10 years, and failures of the video and audio equipment occur frequently, which often affect student's learning in class.
President Yuan, being an alumni of EMBA National Central University, worried about the annoyance and needs of the teachers and students after becoming aware of the information, and he immediately decided to donate the cost of renovation to the university in the hopes of giving students a better learning environment, so as to encourage the students to study hard for success.

The "ACES Lecture Auditorium" is located on the 1st floor of Guan 2nd Building of College of Management. It has a planned capacity of about one hundred people. The stair-type seats and the video and audio equipment create a friendly learning atmosphere to make teaching more lively and diversified. In addition, the lecture auditorium can be used to hold speeches for enhancing the communication between students and academy or industry.

The renovated "ACES Lecture Auditorium" is mainly used as a lecture classroom for every department of the College of Management and the practical courses of academy and industry. It's hoped that the inspiring interactive learning environment can encourage complete discussions and knowledge sharing between students and professors or lecturers. It's hoped that the "ACES Lecture Auditorium” can bring the school’s teachers and students greater leaning, and it's also expected students will advocate the ACES spirit of enterprise and culture, "a group of capable people strive for success together for the fulfillment of dreams."

In addition, President Yuan deeply feels the importance of the discovery and cultivation of excellent talents. ACES Electronics was located in Chongli City, and National Central University, a renowned top university is also located in the Chongli area; therefore, ACES Electronics plans to commence industry-university cooperation with National Central University, and hopes to carry out cooperation and communication through the resources and talents of both parties and the constant efforts in the aspects of experience and technology, so as to strengthen the power of research and development and establish a long-term intensive industry-university cooperative relationship.

Vice General Manger of ACES Electronics Research and Development Center Yang Zong-lin indicated that "ever since ACES was founded in 1996, it has been going for 15 years. Over the years, we've been marching toward two major principles. The first principle is to pursue long-term benefit for the shareholders; consequently, ACES Electronics has stable development in business management; and the other major principle is to reward the local area and make charitable contributions to society. As for this aspect, fund donations are made to elementary schools in remote areas, so that vulnerable children will have the chance to study for a bright future; also, ambulance donations are made to remote townships and villages. So far, we've donated more than 10 ambulances. It made colleagues feel worthy when last year it was reported on TV about the Eight-Eight Flood that seriously hit Xiaolin Village, and the colleagues saw the ambulance that was donated by our company rescuing people in the disastrous area through TV news. We all believed we were doing something very right. Today, we have the opportunity and pleasure to make our little contribution and make the donation of the ACES Lecture Auditorium, Renovation of the International Conference Hall; it's hoped that in the future a window will be opened for ACES, a window of wisdom that shines academic glory on ACES, so that more excellent talents will know about ACES and join ACES's development in the next 10 years, 20 years, even 30 or 50 years in the future."

Last but not least, ACES Electronics has been upholding the spirit of " taking it from society and using it in society" and progressively participating in each charity activity for the society. Through the action of setting an example for others to follow, it's hoped to attract more companies or people with capabilities in society to join such activities that reward society.


The Vice General Manager of the ACES Electronics Research and Development Center Yang Zhong-lin (on the right) and the Vice Chancellor of the National Central University Li Cheng (on the left) were hosting the "ACES Lecture Auditorium" Donation Ceremony and the Graduation Ceremony of the EMBA and In-Service Master's Program held on June 12, 2010.

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