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"ACES Electronics announced the Q2 Financial Result of 2010 and the resolution regarding the commencement date of ex-rights trading."


ACES Electronics announced the Q2 Financial Report of 2010 and the resolution regarding the basis date of the ex-dividend

August 18, 2010

Today (August 18, 2010) ACES Electronics held a Board of Directors meeting to make resolutions regarding major issues.

1. Passed the First Half Year Financial Report of 2010
In terms of the individual report, in the first half year of 2010, the operating revenue amounted to NTD 1,348,549 thousand, the gross profit amounted to NTD 314,827 thousand (the rate of gross profit was 23%), the operating income amounted to NTD 150,879 thousand (the rate of operating income was 11%), the pre-tax income amounted to NTD 396,694 thousand, and the after-tax profit amounted to NTD 360,623 thousand. The basic pre-tax surplus was NTD 4.18 per share and the basic after-tax surplus was NTD 3.80 per share. In terms of merging reports......... for more information, please download the pdf file

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