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ACES Electronic won the "Little Giants of CommonWealth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards".


ACES Electronics won the "Little Giants of CommonWealth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award"

August 26, 2015


   "CommonWealth" 2015 Corporate Citizenship Awards taking the reference of international indexes and assessment methods selected Taiwan's best corporate citizens in the major four complex aspects of "corporate governance", "enterprise commitment", "social participation", and "environmental protection". This year, the grouping standard divides the survey objects on the basis of annual revenue, and industry, official, and university experts are invited to act as the judges, using the major four complex aspects to select the final "Top 100 Best Corporate Citizens"


    Enterprise donation of ambulances to emergency and rescue units is no longer news in Taiwan. This year, the CommonWealth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards selected one enterprise that specializes in making ambulance donations- ACES Electronics joining for the first time and winning unanimous recognition by the judges was awarded and ranked in 2nd place in the Little Giants Category.

   President Yuan explained his strategy of car donation; he said that many people like to donate ambulances to units in their neighborhood area, it's nice for them to see the cars they have donated; actually, these places may not need an ambulance, "instead, in the remote islands of Taiwan and rural medical institutes, there is not enough funds to replace those ambulances at the age of transition. This is the goal of ACES car donations. "

The ambulance donation made by ACES is not only social participation, but also builds up employees' sense of honor making the enterprise and the staff jointly promote charities to society; consequently, all ambulances are donated in the name of ACES employees.

"Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a "merit" of an enterprise, but it's a necessary "requirement", said President Ma Ying-jiu who gave his oration and indicated that when the international reviews of a good enterprise are no longer based on profitability, our country has proposed a series of legislation related to environment and social enterprises; CSR to business management is a so-called essential ability. This year, the launch of the CSR "Little Giant Category" of the "CommonWealth CSR Awards" is the most particular prize. The selection of CSR Awards exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises with annual revenue of less than NTD 5 billion not only received recognition from President Ma Ying-jiu, ACES Electronics that is renowned for making ambulance donations around Taiwan won 2nd place in the "Little Giant" Category this year. "I'd suggest considering the donation of a Rehabilitation Bus instead of an ambulance." said Ma Ying-jiu wearing a smile, "However, the cost of a Rehabilitation Bus is higher". The ACES Team on behalf of the company were on site and replied to him aloud, "No problem! "


   The electronic connectors products manufactured by ACES Electronics do not directly correspond to consumers, the action of CSR social participation doesn't directly benefit the sales performance or the brand. Over the past 8 years, from Mazu, Orchid Island (Lanyu) and Penghu to Hualien and Taitung, ACES Electronics has donated a total of 32 ambulances. President Yuan said that "With a stupid passion for doing good for others and getting the employees, families of employees, and people in the area get involved in the participation of charities for society. It's hoped that everyone can jointly cultivate this field of blessedness in Taiwan. "


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