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Suzhou City, Jialisi Precision Metal Craft Products Co., Ltd. Publicized the Completed Environmental Protection Acceptance Report.


Suzhou City, Jialisi Precision Metal Craft Products Co., Ltd. Publicized the Completed Environmental Protection Acceptance Report

October 30, 2015

1. Special Project Basic Information

Suzhou City, Jialisi Precision Metal Craft Products Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kunshan ACES Electronics Co., Ltd., is located in the Kunshan Economic and Technical Development Zone, No. 102 Matang Road, Penglang. The company's original project, the annual output of 700t hardware screws and 150t fixtures for parts, was approved by the Environmental Protection Acceptance in 2010. In 2011, the company planned a special project of annually producing 54 million electronic connectors and the research and development of the high-end precision electronic connectors. The special project was entrusted to   in 2011; the evaluation of environmental effects was conducted by the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science, Ministry of Environmental Protection; the project was examined and approved by the Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province (Suhuanshen[2011] No. 185). During the process, due to the rapid development of high-end precision electronic connectors, their short replacement period, as well as higher precision requirements in particular, the company changed the strategic decision for the adaptation of market changes and development prospects of high-end precision electronic connectors, so the project of "annual output of 5.4 billion electronic connectors" was divided into 2 stages; the construction of production facilities, and the environmental protection acceptance; Stage 1 (with 2.025 billion electronic connectors), and Stage 2 (annual output of 3.375 billion electronic connectors). In March, 2014, the company entrusted the Nanjing KeHong Environmental Co., Ltd. to conduct the Environmental Impact Modification. In June, 2014, the company received the official reply from the Provincial Environment Protection Department (Suhuanbianguan[2014] No. 61). The Stage 1 of project construction was initiated in December 2012 and completed in November 2013. Then, the trial production (operation) was approved by the Provincial Environmental Protection Department on November 23, 2014. On March 9, 2015, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department agreed to extend the trial production period until November 23, 2015. Currently, the main construction and environmental protection facilities in Stage 1 have joined the operation, and the production capacity has reached 75% of the designed scale, which has met the requirements of the Completed Environmental Protection Acceptance. The publicized report focuses on the construction contents of Stage 1 and the acceptance of the production facilities mentioned above and environmental protection.

2. Environmental Protection Implementation Situation

The special project is for the continuous production of electroplating electronic connectors; and it mainly generates pollutants, including waste gas, wastewater, and solid waste. The comparison of the rechecked Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Suhuanshen[2011] No. 185 and the official reply Suhuanbianguan[2014] No. 61 are as shown in the chart below.

Series Number

Special Project Basic Contents

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Follow-up Implementation Situation in Accordance with the Replied Results


Completed construction situation of the treatment facilities of waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise, etc.

1. Facilities construction for wastewater and waste gas treatment have been completed in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and the trial testing has been completed as well. 50% of total treated wastewater will be used in the production process; currently, the facilities are completely well-installed and tested.

2. Choose low-noise facilities; basic vibration and noise reduction measures should be adapted for high-noise facilities.

3. In accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection management, solid waste has been categorized into domestic garbage, general industrial waste, and hazardous waste, and the measures of rain-proofing and seepage prevention for the temporary storage of waste have been adapted to avoid secondary contamination. A contract with a cooperating solid waste treatment unit has been signed for hazardous solid waste treatment.


Implementation situation of rainfall and sewage diversion as well as clean water and sewage diversion


Implementation situation of the special project with both new and old measures

within the health protection distance


Relocation situation of environmentally sensitive targets.

1. In accordance with "the diversion of clean water and sewage, the diversion of rainfall and sewage, multiple-use of water and wastewater separation treatment", the domestic wastewater will be in charged by the Kunshan Penglangpian District Sewage Treatment Plant. The water quality after industrial treatment meets the "Discharge Standard of Electroplating Pollutant" (GB 21900—2008) Chart 3. The water pollutant will be exclusively discharged with limited volume to the Penglang Power Control Center before entering Guoshitang;

2. The re-modification of the current special project of industrial wastewater treatment facilities, including "the annual output of 700t hardware screw, 150t fixtures for parts, waste water containing nickel, copper, zinc and chromium has been proposed and the treated wastewater can be reused (50% reuse rate), and the rest wastewater will be discharged after meeting the safety requirement.

3. Within the 100-meter health protection distance, there are no residences or other environmentally sensitive targets.


Ensure the sewage drainage is installed in accordance with the standard and completed installation of the online monitors with Internet connection.


1. Completed facilities of all kinds of sewage drainage in accordance with the requirements of the "Jiangsu Province Sewage Drainage and Standardized Treatment Management Regulation" (Suhuankong[1997] No. 122)

2. Sewage drainages have been installed with flowmeters and the online monitors of COD (chemical oxygen demand), ammonia nitrogen, TP, nickel, copper, hexavalent chromium, and cyanide; all the drainages have been incorporated into the automated monitoring network management system.


Ensure whether the contingency plan is well-devised and the construction situation of the pool for emergencies.


1. The contingency plan has been set up and put on file;

2. A pool for emergencies has been built with the dimensions of 300m3.



Completed greening works in accordance with the "Greening Standard for Urban Residential Districts and Enterprises in Jiangsu Province" (DB32/139-95) Completed the greening isolation belt around the plant to reduce the environmental impact caused by noise and waste gas.


3. Acceptance and Monitoring Results

    The Environmental Monitoring Center of Jiangsu Province conducted on-site monitoring of the special project of the Completed Environmental Protection. During the monitoring period, the production load met 75% of the designed production capacity. For the relevant results of monitoring, please refer to the attachment.  

In order to embody the principle of openness and impartiality, the company accepts public supervision and publicizes the environmental acceptance situation of the special project on the website of our center, and the publication can be considered as accordance with environmental protection.  


Attachment 1: Jialisi Environmental Monitoring Report

Attachment 2: Jialisi rechecked Environmental Monitoring Report


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