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"ACES Electronics obtained Hon Hai USB3.0 patent authorization. "


ACES Electronics obtained Hon Hai USB3.0 patent authorization.

July 7, 2011

The company obtained patent authorization for the Hon Hai USB3.0 electronic connector product


The contract of the company's electronic connector of USB3.0 A Type Receptacle is effective from June 30, 2011 and obtained the USB3.0(Universal Serial Bus 3.0) relevant non-exclusive patent authorization from Hon Hai Precision Ind., Co., Ltd. to lawfully carry out manufacturing and the behaviors for the above-mentioned purposes of sales contract, sales, and use.

The company obtained official connector product relevant patent authorization to facilitate the development and sales expansion of connector relevant products.

However, pursuant to the terms and provisions of Contractual Clause 6 regarding the confidentiality agreement, neither party shall disclose the contents of the relevant contract without first notifying and gaining the consent of the other party.
For detailed information, please go to the public information observatory(http://mops.twse.com.tw)for query.



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