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ACES's new general manager is now held by Huang Tianfu.


ACES (stock code 3605) convened a board meeting this afternoon (July 10th) to continuously enhance competitiveness and operational efficiency in response to changing market conditions and future growth needs. Huang Tianfu has been appointed to coordinate and serve as the general manager. Mr. Huang Tianfu has served at the Industrial Technology Research Institute for 30 years, leading teams in various important research projects and participating in numerous forward-looking technology initiatives. In the future, he will leverage his technical expertise and management experience from the Industrial Technology Research Institute, while integrating the organizational structure and operations among the business groups acquired in recent years to strengthen overall efficiency.

Recognizing the rapid changes in technology and the need for innovation in new product development in the future, ACES has appointed Yang Zonglin as the Group's Chief Research and Development Officer. Mr. Yang Zonglin has nearly twenty years of experience in research and development, marketing, and manufacturing operations within the company. He will integrate technical development and product blueprints among the group's business groups, guiding them to achieve their goals. In the future, Mr. Yang Zonglin will utilize his rich experience in marketing, business, and research and development to lead the group in deepening research and development technology, focusing on international customer technical and product development, and continuously striving for breakthroughs and innovation.

In the future, ACES will continue to pragmatically face future challenges with a new organizational structure, striving to gain recognition and trust from domestic and international customers, aspiring to gradually become a leading brand in industry connectivity.

Finally, we express our gratitude to all gentlemen and ladies for their long-term support.

Best wishes to all!

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