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Hand in hand with passing on love, may knowledge become solid wings, and help children of Chishang fly to the world of books.


ACES Electronics donated a mobile library to the Chishang Township Office and will go to the remote sites of the town to share the joy of reading and the power of knowledge with local children

March 1st, 2023,│Taoyuan City, Taiwan. To help children in remote rural areas of Taiwan experience the joy of reading and enhance the power of knowledge, Iven Yuan, the Chairman of ACES Group, donated a mobile library to the Chishang Township Office of Taitung County in the name of his best friend and his wife, "Holding Hands: Ben Chen & Angela Fan,” wish to Expand library resources to every corner of the town in a timely and flexible manner.


The donation ceremony was held at 10 am on February 23, 2023, at the square in front of the Chishang Township Office. The ceremony was simple and grand, presided over by Mayor – Lin, Jian-Hong. ACES Group Chairman Iven Yu; General Manager Angela Fan, and the team members were present to participate in the donation ceremony; the elementary schools’ principals, teachers, and the elders in the local care centers also attended the ceremony and witnessed this warm and touching moment together.


Mr. Ben Chen and his wife – Angela Fan, have been close friends of Chairman Yuan for many years, especially the late Mr. Chen, who had always loved and cared for Chishang Town in the past; Chairman Yuan specially named this mobile library in memory of his friend – Mr. Ben Chen, hoping this "Holding Hands" mobile library can take on the responsibility of providing reading resources in remote areas of Chishang Township in the future; continue to care Chishang Town for Mr. Chen, and contribute to this land. "Although knowledge is intangible, it is also the most powerful force; hope can become the wings of children soaring in the sky, leading them to know this vast world." Said Iven Yuan, the Chairman of ACES Group.


Mr. Lin Jian-Hong, the Mayor of Chishang Township, thanked ACES Group for its great love for Chishang Township. In the future, the township office plans to take this mobile library every Tuesday to Friday to go to designated spots in various schools in the township and to designated places in the community every Saturday to provide Borrowing and returning books service.


The mobile library - "Holding Hands: Ben Chen & Angela Fan," made its maiden voyage to the Wan'an Elementary School Jhen-Sing Branch after the donation ceremony at 11:00 a.m. And Principal Jheng, Han-Wun led the school children to warmly welcome the arrival of the mobile library, providing them the high-quality and easy access to reading and knowledge.


Photo 1: ACES Group Chairman Iven Yuan(the third from right) and Ms. Angela Fan (the first from left), and Wisdom Lin(the second from left), CEO of the group, donated the mobile library "Holding Hands: Ben Chen & Angela Fan" to Chishang Township Office, Taitung County. Mr. Lin Jian-Hong(the third from left), Mayor of Chishang Township, represented to receive this heart-warming gift. (Provided by ACES Electronics)


Photo 2: The "Holding Hands: Ben Chen & Angela Fan" mobile library made its maiden voyage to the Jhen-Sing branch of Wan'an Elementary School in Chishang Township. The local children welcomed the arrival of the library with the warmest smiles. Next, the library will go into minor designated points in various schools and communities in the village to provide high-quality and convenient reading services for children in rural areas. (Provided by ACES Electronics)

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