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ACES Has Acquired 100% Equity of Genesis, Genesis Officially Becomes Subsidiary of the ACES Group


   ACES Electronics Co., Ltd. (Stock code: TW 3605, hereinafter referred to as ACES or “the Company”) announces today (14th, April, 2021) the settlement of the 100% equity acquisition of Genesis Technology USA, Inc. and Genesis Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as Genesis), Genesis officially becomes subsidiary of the Company.


   In terms of ACES product range following the acquisition of Genesis, in addition to notebooks, peripherals for consumer electronics, handheld mobile communication devices, automobile electronics, cloud servers, industrial control industry. Product range also include Set Top Box, Cable modem and Telecom products. To fulfill the diverse needs of our clients, ACES must also be equipped with a full range of solutions that help us realize our commitments to our clients.


   After the completion of this equity trade, ACES will become the sole corporate shareholder of Genesis. Nevertheless, Genesis will not cease to exist, but will persevere and continue to operate sustainably; its main operating group will continue unchanged, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of Genesis as it moves into the future.


   Lastly, we would like to thank each and every of you for the support that you have shown us over the years.


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