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"On January 15, 2012, the Inauguration Ceremony of ACES Electronics Refinement Center was held as well as the official opening of the new Plant."


On January 15, 2012, the Inauguration Ceremony of the ACES Electronics Refinement Center was held, as well as the official Opening of the new Plant.

January 16, 2012

The year before last (2010) in September, ACES Electronics held the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Refinement Center. After one short year, last year (2011) in October, the plant of the Refinement Center was completely constructed and the precision equipment began to be installed into the new plant. The Inauguration Ceremony and the official Opening of the new plant was held on January 15, 2012.

A present, the ACES Electronics Refinement Center has been officially established, and it represents the ambition of ACES Electronics in future development; in addition, the practical action of engagement of research and development in the field of technology makes the positioning of the Refinement Center not just a technical unit, but it will act as the center of the company's research and development of technology, precision manufacturing, and customer product service center; meanwhile, the Refinement Center will progressively recruit technical personnel to play the role that is tasked with the cultivation of excellent talents. With abundant resources of technical manpower, a self-owned technical team will be established and create industry-university cooperation with "National Central University" to allow a group of excellent talents fulfill their technical dreams through the platform of the research and development Refinement Center.

Over the past year, the global electronics industry has developed a great revolution in technical development. In the market of laptop computers, tablet computers, smart phones, and Internet communication, as well as the cloud market, connector products have a lightweight design orientation and the development of high-speed transmission and high frequency. Connectors need to be more focused on research and development technology and the capability of precision mold manufacturing so as to respond to future trends.

Consequently, ACES Electronics also plans to engage product research and development, mold precision in manufacturing and precision processing and the automated production line of high-end products in the Refinement Center. In Stage 1, we will accelerate development of consumer electronics precision connectors in a space, connectors in the application of high-speed Internet communication, and the vehicle electronic connectors. In addition, we will gradually generate benefits from the production quality and the progress in technological accumulation so as to bring the biggest benefit to clients, and the company will get more growth opportunity and momentum.

Photo 1 The Inauguration and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of the ACES Electronics Refinement Center.

Photo 2 The Injection Molding Production Line of ACES Electronics Refinement Center.



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