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ACES Electronics Won the 10th National Brand Yushan Award for the "Outstanding Enterprise" Category


October 14, 2013 ACES Electronics Won the 10th National Brand Yushan Award for the "Outstanding Enterprise" Category

October 31, 2013

The most authoritative of the nation, the largest enterprise and architecture award, "The 15th National Golden Award for Architecture and the 10th National Brand Yushan Award" awarding ceremony was grandly held on October 30 at 7pm at Zhuoyue Hall on the 2nd floor of the Civil Service Development Institute (Taipei Howard Civil Service International House); the event was the focus that attracted enterprises' attention. On the day of the ceremony, there were about 700 elite delegates from the industry, government, and university nationwide jointly witnessing the historic moment.

90% of laptop manufacturing factories in Taiwan purchase connectors from the company; therefore, 80% of laptops worldwide are installed with connectors produced by the company. The company has a comprehensive production layout covering the Hunan area, Huadong area, and the western areas in China; nevertheless, for the pursuit of long-term and sustainable development of business, the company has invested NTD 1 billion in 2011 to construct a Refinement Center in Taiwan, and the Center will be not just a technical unit, it will act as the center of the company's research and development of technology, precision manufacturing, and customer product service center; meanwhile, the Refinement Center will progressively recruit technical personnel to play the role that is tasked with the cultivation of excellent talents. With abundant resources of technical manpower, a self-owned technical team will be established to allow a group of excellent talents fulfill their technical dreams, and the company will become the only connector manufacturer that has been deeply rooted in Taiwan in the recent years.

  Through a dozen years of elaborating business management, in 2013, the ACES Electronics won recognition from the National Brand Yushan Award in the "Outstanding Enterprise Category". The company has been dedicated to becoming "the leading connector brand and manufacturer of key parts and components", through the global international marketing channel. The company provides customized products, as well as high-quality and cost-competitive professional technical services; at the same time, while upholding "knowledge  prospect‧value  and attitude‧commitment, the company will strive to enhance the popularity of the corporate brand, expand the revenue scale, and pursue optimized company value.

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