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  • Introduction of ACES Group

    ACES Group Founded on November 1996.
    Headquarters: Taoyuan, Taiwan
    Production Sites:Taiwan, Kunshan (China) and Dongguan (China)
    Other Business Locations:USA, Japan, Singapore, Beijing(China), Chongqing (China)
    Specializes in the development of high-end precision connectors and wires, and the design and manufacturing of precision molds Products are used for an extensive range of applications including notebook PCs, consumer electronics, LCD panels, mobile phone, medicine, cloud computing and automobile equipment


    ACES has been growing steadily for more than two decades since its foundation in July 1986 based on enlightened leadership, excellent employees, cooperative teams, sensitivity to fast changing electronic products and everlasting R&D investments. ACES is now ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. In addition to the Taipei company, ACES has factories in the Philippines and Dongguan, Suzhou, Chongqing in China with products sold to leading computer makers in Taiwan and America.

  • Compupack Technology CO., LTD

    The company is engaged in the production and trading of connectors, cables, quartz oscillators and other products required by computer, communication, and consumer electronic (3C) industries.

    Electronic components including quartz oscillators and computer connectors; CPC Group has some 250 employees in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, USA, and Europe among others.

  • Galis plant overview

    Address: No. 102, Matang Road, Penglang, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunshan City
    Investment: TWD27.26 million;
    Size: 6,665 square meters;
    Greening area: 1.333 square meters, greening rate of 20%;
    Machine facilities: 2 nickel-plated tin wires / 10 nickel-plated gold wires as of now
    (semi-gold tin/palladium nickel and other production lines according to product requirements may be underway in the future)

    Production capacity (annual): gold plating 4,126kkpcs; tin plating 2,074kkpcs
    Current number of employees: 120

    Galis plant production equipment

    The production workshop is 80 meters long and contains a plating machine 60 meters long; the latter employs high-efficiency continuous plating mechanism; its line speed for plane products can reach up to 24m/min; with semi-automatic goods receiving design it raises goods receiving stability yield.

    Phase 1 equipment and products correlations are:

    Nickel-plated tin product line (planar/profiled)
    Nickel-plated gold product line (planar / profiled)
    Nickel-plated thick gold product line (planar / profiled)