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IC Socket Features & Benefits
-IC package carrier
-make IC replaceable and upgradable
-strong lock force secures IC
-LCD monitor
-wireless device
-consumer electronics
RF coaxial Conn Features:
RF coaxial connector includes mated plug and cable
Designed for the use in application of 50Ω impedance requirements
Reliable, higher performance support from 3-6GHz
Flexible to support any length for widely requirements.
Low profile, ideal for the space where space is limited.

Smartphone & Cell Phone / Notebook PC & Tablet PC / Flat panel display / Professional TV camera / Digital camera & Video camera / Security & Network camera / Multifunction printer / Printer / AV equipment / Medical equipment / Digital measurement instrument / Robot / Industrial / Projector / Handy terminal / Amusement / Car electronics
Docking Conn Docking connector provides high capability to transfer the signal between panel and main board. ACES offers the customize request and function define, to matches consumer industry needed; Docking connector mating with difference process with difference design, structure and reliability are for sure we care and seriously.