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Easy on The easy insertion of FPC/FFC connections are provided by a guide devised from a fastener with rotary actuator.
The can integrated actuator retains the FPC at all contact points to ensure secure connection, even with multiple contacts.
This connector is the low cost solution for many board-to-cable applications on various devices.
ZIF ACES offers a wide variety of connectors for flat flexible cable (FFC) and flexible printed circuitry (FPC). Included in this FFC/FPC family are connectors with actuators on 0.30, 0.50, 0.8, and 1.0mm pitch. Actuators are pre-assembled covers that secure the connection between the FFC/FPC and the connector terminals.
ACES also offers a wide variety of ultra low-profile SMT FFC/FPC connectors for tight packaging applications. Features include profile heights as low as 1.20mm, pull-type actuators, straight and right-angle versions.
NON ZIF Suitable for heavy insertion force.
SMT and T/H type for automatic mounting.
Right-angle and straight type are available.
Variety of product height is 1.2mm to 5.3mm.