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Mini PCI Express Features and Benefits:
- Strong terminal spring design that provides stable normal force,low contact resistance and reliable high-speed signal transmission.
- Half the size of the mini-PCI
- Higher bandwidth interface
- Lower cost connector than miniPCI
- Notebook expansion card. Targeted on both wired and wireless communication add-in cards in notebooks replacing Mini PCI for mobile computers
MXM Features and Benefits:
- Hurry to meet the requirement of distance between MB and VGA will change by customer designer for their mechanism
- Special options for SMT improvement:Fitting Nail、Screw、Lock
- Operation:Insert the PCB card with 20~30 angel and snap down then fix it with screw
- Follow PCI express standard
- Operation like DDR memory card
- Changeable VGA Card
M.2 It is a natural transition from the Mini Card and Half Mini Card to a smaller form factor both in size and volume. M.2's more flexible physical specification allows different module widths and lengths, and, paired with the availability of more advanced interfacing features, makes the M.2 more suitable than mSATA for solid-state storage applications in general and particularly for the use in small devices such as ultrabooks or tablets. ACES offers a wide range of M.2 connectors that includes different body height, different key position options and can mating with single or double-sided modules. The new smaller form factor is suitable for applications in new thin platform. GO