Social Responsibility

ACES Electronics Co., Ltd.
Social Responsibility Policy
1.Follow the law and regulation request of labor, environmental protection and safety   and health of international and government.
2.To assure all work in voluntary, not hiring labors by threatening, corporal punishment, abuse and mandatory conditions.
3.Child labor prohibited .
4.Prohibit all kinds of discrimination of race, nation or social background, social class, descent, religion, physical disable, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility, marriage, labor union member, political orientation, age or other form or diverse discrimination in hiring, salary payment, training or promotion opportunities, dismissal or retirement.
5.Prohibit any form of sexual harassment.
6.Strictly follow the international and government regulations of working hours, salary or welfare, public notice all management rules to all employers.
7.Set reasonable and legal disciplinary measures.
8.Build internal and external communication pipeline. Encourage employers and manager communication and participation directly inside. Communication and display company policy to outside through company website or public notice and message.
9.Take the highest ethic standard of commercial operating and work ethic of workers. Follow the operation principle of honest and reliability, include and not confined by integrity, fair trade , public information  and improper income or deceptive advertisement.
10.In no condition of nation law or local regulation prohibited, you can join the labor organization , labor union or other group negotiation organization.
11.Not directly or indirectly use conflict minerals which from illegal mining area in our product.
12.Respect and protect international and clients' technique , professional proficiency, document and files, to assure its secret safety.
13.Do not against the commercial activities of the policy organization or individual above.
14.Actively participate in government and community events. In the mean time, encourage business partners to promote and do corporate social responsibility together.
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Since the establishment of the ACES, has been uphold the community, used in the social mentality, the ACES has been engaged in public welfare activities in recent years, but also to encourage internal staff and the ACES to participate in public welfare activities. ACES hope to take this brick, and perhaps more private enterprises to join the corporate public welfare activities to pass the charity, sustainable business spirit of the public, and contribute to the long-term stability of the society.
In addition, the ACES is also deeply rooted in Taiwan, Taiwan to create employment opportunities, and provide a more talent to attract more talent to play the stage
Care for vulnerable groups, providing ambulances to participate in the rescue
The cost of a basic ambulance is at least one million, and its use is about six years. The local government, where most of the fiscal deficit is now, is a big expense, often making the ambulance too old or not enough In the impact of saving time.
When ACES knew this condition, it formally participated in charitable activities in several years ago. ACES donated ambulance to help the city which needs assistance.
Before donation, ACES will select the donation units first. ACES set up a small team to investigate the far city’s hospital condition with the statistic of Ministry of Interior (MOI) to find out the city which needs ambulance. In order to have best effectiveness on every ambulance, it goes through the four months evaluation and selects the units which meet the requirement.
All the end of 2007, for the first time, the first prize was devoted to the “good staff”and ambulance donation: charity event, which was the 10th year in 2016. We donate four ambulances every year and three of them will use the name of excellent employees. It can be a perfect connection between charitable activity and our employees. The other one will donate in the name of chairman’s family with his personal money. ACES will keep the concept of sustainable operation spirit and giving back to society to spread the warmth of humanity to everywhere by donating many charitable groups regularly.
At present ACES company donated ambulance from the northern Taiwan Yilan, Xinbei City deep pit Township, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Changhua, to Nantou County mountain country name township, water Township, agricultural area Yunlin County water forest, Chiayi County, Tai Po Township and Tainan area there are mountain tribes Pingtung County Ma home, to the East Taiwan's Hualien County Fengbin, Taitung Dawu Township, Lu Youxiang even outlying islands of Taitung Lantau and Lianjiang County has a loving heart Footprints.
Currently, we can see ambulances of ACES are in many far regions and cities in Taiwan. Until 2015, ACES totally donated 32 ambulances and the donation amounts are 2 million dollars.  2016 donation onward activities to Tao Yuan Veterans Home and bus, service vehicles, 20 conservation bed, 2 sphygmomanometer and ACES electronic feedback township Tao yuan city map received two sets of action book car to pass the book through out the whole tao yuan, we are keep goin to donate for those who need the resources. In the future ACES will do many ways to formidable the community.
During the heavy damage of 88 disaster in south of Taiwan in 2009, everyone concerned about this situation. At that time, one of ACES employee was watching TV at home and he was shock when he saw the ambulance with his name was saving people on site. Suddenly, he felt very touched and warm. It is the best gain from doing charities.
In the future, ACES will have more social responsibilities. We hope everyone can see ACES’s contribution from south to north and east to west in everywhere.
Every year ACES company have annual ambulance donation activities , and other non regular different project of social welfare.
Instead of ambulance donation, other big social charitable activities are as below:
 Donation items
 Donate the “ACES HALL” to NCU.
 Donate high level rescue package- taoyuan fire department.
 Donate 4,000 books for Zhongli library.
 Sponsor Zhongli City for “low-income households dinner and rice donation.
 Sponsor zhongli city office for “Homeless people dinner” activities.
 Sponsor Pingtung Maja children choir.
 Sponsor zhongli longkung elementary 50th school anniversary.
 Sponsor NCU music day activity.
 Sponsor Hua-shan Foundation-one community service car.
 Donate Hua-shan Foundation-Shing-wu Angel station.
 Donate The money for poverty and sick elders/severe disability care free.
 Donate to Taiwan Yunus Foundation.(Chairman become one of the 108 angels)
 Sponsor Pingtung Puzangalan choir.
 Sponsor 30thousand martial arts association founding cultural promotion.
Extend Taiwan investment, Increase Taiwanese occupation opportunities
ACES is a connector company and it established in 1996. Since then, 2016 is the 20th year. During the development period, ACES focus on developing high-level precise connector and precise module design and manufacturing. At the same time, ACES equipped product forward integration ability, from developing design, tooling development, plastic injection molding, terminal and other plate parts stamping, tool assembling and product assembly. ACES input quite many equipment, investment money and man power. During this period, ACES step forward by its business goal. At the same time, ACES also insist the product technology and service requirement. Thanks for customer’s support, now ACES create a own small stage.
In 2010, ACES decide to set up a factory in Taiwan and build up a PEC with development factory. In Taiwan connector industry, this is seldom case for connector company investing in Taiwan in these several years. ACES decide to build its own technical center and focus on product and tooling development. Also, it can take good use of Taiwan’s man power resource to cultivate excellent product, precise tool design and manufacturers. Let the ACES technical team stays in Taiwan. It can create hundreds of job opportunities, through many kinds of way like campus and army recruitment, Industry & university cooperation program, the alternative military service…to recruit people. And provide jobs for young people to attract more excellent people to achieve their dreams. Let ACES forward to international world and challenge to impossible task.
Cultivation of talent
The Company has spared no effort to cultivate and develop talents. It provides employees with an open and diverse learning environment. Employees can continue their expertise and self-development through internal / external training, internal public courses or tutor.
New entrants to the new staff through the new staff education and training with the post professional training system to help new employees to quickly learn and integrate into the new workplace environment.
On-the-job education and training, through the internal training, internal public courses, job rotation, project assignment and overseas training programs such as training, so that employees in the professional field and personal development can continue to grow.
In order to strengthen the management functions, the company organizes training courses such as leadership, organization strategy and team leadership from time to time to strengthen managers' team management and leadership.
The Company conducts the following related training courses on an annual education and training program:
1.New staff pre-service training:
New people within three months of training arrangements for new education and training courses, training, including corporate culture and organization, Operating system description, quality policy and quality management system, environmental safety and health awareness and environmental protection tube management system and other general education courses.
At the same time by the employer in charge of the arrangements for the integrity of the new pre-vocational education and training programs to help the new staff quickly solve the corporate culture, to adapt to the workplace environment and familiar with the future work responsibilities.
2.Professional training:
2-1.Internal training:through the competent or senior staff as an internal lecturer, according to their own experience, teaching professional knowledge, skills training courses, in order to strengthen the professional knowledge of staff to enhance the existing work productivity and efficiency
2-2.Outside the factory training:the company to provide resources, open the training needs of the staff to the professional training institutions training, by
To deepen professional knowledge and skills. At the same time, the company encourages employees to actively carry out on-the-job training to continue to learn
Learn new knowledge, enhance self-competitiveness.
2-3.Professional license training:According to regulatory requirements, by the professional staff to participate in professional license training courses.
2016 annual staff training and education and training statistics are as follows:
   Training no.  
Training people
  Training time  
 New staff training
 Professional function training
To develop green or environmentally friendly products or services
1.To ensure that the products of the production are environmentally friendly, comply with international environmental, legal, regulatory and customer requirements, specify the Environmental Related Substances Control Procedure. For the raw materials (metal parts, plastic parts, packaging materials, auxiliary materials), parts production and finished product production process used in the items, substances are related norms.
2.ACES has established the Environmental Management Substances Restrictive Use Instructions, which conform to the applicable laws and regulations on hazardous substances, such as the EU regulations (RoHS and WEEE directives) and so on. Aces design, manufacture raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, packaging materials, auxiliary materials, consumables and purchased goods used in the products, such as substances or uses not expressly provided for in this standard, and the use or restriction of use in the Client or the Act , Still in accordance with customer requirements and decrees.
3.We make an “Environment related substance operation manual”. After EU pass RoHS and WEEE in 2003, famous international factory like Sony and DELL launch for environmental product required actions. Add a new environmental specification and include green material requirement. Against to this, ACES investigate current suppliers’ substance and request them to provide the report of content. The report is the necessary basis for ACES to select the supplier and material.
Sustainable development and Environment Protection
1.ACES actively utilizes resources in an efficient manner and uses environmentally friendly materials that are free of pollution and non-toxic in the process of producing products and improve process and operation management to reduce waste and reduce production costs. The waste material produced in the production process, defective goods through the effective management procedures to be calculated and the amount of recovery, after the recovery of the waste material, defective products are handed over to the qualified waste recyclers according to the law to declare to the Environmental Protection Agency and For disposal, recycling.
2.ACES main environmental management are:
2-1.Exhaust gas, waste water, waste, noise and chemical substances produced by ACES company process are in compliance with regulations.
2-2.Use of electricity, water resources, air conditioning and other resources, set goals for management.
2-3.Taiwan plant to replace the T5 lamp, overseas factory partition to replace the LED lighting equipment to reduce lighting power consumption.
2-4.Air-conditioning air-conditioning installation of variable frequency equipment to reduce the amount of current to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction efficiency, and with government policies, air conditioning open specifications, in accordance with the temperature control, summer indoor temperature control of more than 26 degrees.
2-5.ACES through the ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health management system certification.
3.ACES energy-saving carbon reduction measures, such as the planning of the lighting partition of the switch, lunch time off lights, the installation of insulated screens, to strengthen the air convection wall fan, air conditioning temperature settings and improve the process of air pressure design, Energy saving and carbon reduction and greenhouse gas reduction efficiency. The fish pond is equipped with a rainwater function, and the waste water is extracted into the sewage storage tank, and then collected through the water collecting pipe.
ACES won the 10TH National Brand Yushan Award "Outstanding Enterprise" award in 2013, again in 2014, the 16th session of the Republic of China Outstanding Business Managers Association held the Golden Summit large enterprise group "Top 10 Outstanding Businesses of the Year", expect the future to work together with talent, technology and industry. In addition, in 2015 won the world magazine "corporate citizenship award - small giant group" second, with the hope that the sustainable business, uphold the social welfare and social responsibility continued to pay.