Quality & Green Policy

Quality Policy

1、Do right at first time. Quality is simple and clear:

Do the things right at first time! We think quality is to meet the requirement. The cost of meeting the requirement is equal to all the cost during do things right. However, it will waste the cost if you cannot meet the requirement. We believe that the way to manage quality is to prevent rather than to check and revise the mistake. Prevention includes thinking, planning, process analysis and predicting where the mistake will be happened, then, take the action to avoid its happening. Problems are usually resulted by lack of product or service requirement or mistakes. The prevention process are inculding make sure the requirement of product or service, product development, process control and adopt the actions to obtain the result. This is a keep improving porcess. The final main goal of quality improvement process is to provide a perfect product and service. That means let quality be a common thing. Perfect and zero defects is not only an inspiring slogan but also a working attitude and a commitment to prevention. Everyone who in the organization will join the quality improving process and insist to meet all the requirement everytime. Besides, refuse to accept NG products.

2. Keep improving

We dedicated in keep imroving the process to enhance the quality under our leader's full support and all employees' effort. Build up a world class professional connector factory. In addition, it is obviously effective to enhance company's impression, organization performance, employee growth and development, project management, product quality...etc. Let the concept of keep imroving and total quality management to be a characteristic of organizational culture. Under this excellent organizational culture, we keep growing and be better.

3. Pursuit of excellent quality

We do not satisfy the current situation. We through organizational culture of "knowledge, view, value, attitude, commitment and execution" and start some activeties to strengthen employee's quality responsibility. It is our responsibility to enhance the product reliebility and pursuit the exellent quality. Base on doing the thing right at first time, keep improving and pursuit exellent quality, we are responsible for society, corporation and employees. Keep improving in order to provide better products and service for our customers.  

Environment Policy

Obey the law rules
Energy and waste saving
Take good use of resources
Enhance environmental quality

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Prevention first
Continue Improving

Environment and Safety Guideline

ACES Electronics offers comprehensive connector and cables solutions for a wide array of electronic applications, including NB Computers, Cellular Phones, Digital Cameras, etc. We follow the faith of human-centrc and live with nature and follow the spirit of protecting the earth and employees' health. During ACES products prodcution process, we consider throughly about the affects on environment/safety. Base on prevention thinking, keep improving, we obey the environment safety guideline as the following: 1. New technology adoption- Use environmental materials and new production technique to reduce the impact and hazards risk on environment during the production period.2. Execute the hazards prevention- Recognize the environmental factors and critical dangerous sources, make a management project to execute and monitor. 3. Obey the law rules- Follow the related law of nation, region and industry and to be a law-abiding corporation. 4. Execute resources recycling- energy saving, recycling and cycle use. 5. Commitment to continue improving- keep improving environmental pollution and health hazards to increase the performance of environment/ health and safety. 6. Complete the environmental and safety training- Execute the educational training and safety management of environment and safety completely to enhance the environmental / health and safety conscious.

Quality and Environment Policy


Quality System

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ASUS Green Partner
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • TL9000
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • QC080000
  • OHSAS18001


  • NOV. 1999 (Achieved)
  • NOV. 2003 (Achieved)
  • MAR. 2004 (Achieved)
  • OCT. 2006 (Achieved)
  • FEB. 2008 (Achieved)
  • May 2010 (Achieved)


  • UL / CSA


Declaration of Metal Conflict----Free 

ACES ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. herein declare the metal Conflict-Free on products 
supplied to customers 
ACES ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is taking and will take due diligence within 
our supply chain to assure“DRC Conflict-Free” for the metals of gold (Au), 
tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt(Co) and tin (Sn) are not derived from or 
sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 
or illegally taxed on trade routes, either of which are controlled by 
non-governmental military groups, or unlawful military factions. Trade routes 
not confirmed to be“Conflict Free”include direct exports from the DRC, as 
well as exports through Rwanda,Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya (countries 
of whom the U.N. Security Council note areglobal export routes for DRC-mined 
We would like to confirm Minerals used in Products sold to customers are “DRC 
Company Representative:袁万丁 
Company Representative Title:Chairman 

ACES Green Product Certification


ASUS Certification Certificated from CANON