Research & Development

Mission and Background of Precision Engineering Center

The establishment of Precision Engineering Center (PEC) is the prime move to develop high-end technology and to closely connect with the world. Aces has been cultivating the relationship between industries and academic institutes during the past decades for acquiring better talents, comprehensive R&D mechanism as well as building up a technology based team to enhance the competitive ability and innovative productivity in the global market.

To upgrade the R&D efficiency and to widen the product ranges, PEC does not only carefully select quality people, but also procure high precision equipment for the purpose of streamlining its production automatically. Aces will not be merely satisfied with providing good products, but will endeavor to become the world leading brand of connector maker in the electronics industry.

In spite of facing the fast-changing marketplace, Taiwan with bountifully natural resources and technical advantages definitely plays an essential role toward globalization. In the long run, PEC as the key factor to Aces’ future success will continuously base in Taiwan, gather more local talents, and work on gaining more international presence.