Environmental Protection Acceptance Publicity of Galis Accurate Smithcraft Products Co., Ltd.


1. Project basic situation

Galis Accurate Smithcraft Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ACES Electronics (Kunshan) which is located in Kunshan city. The company has already passed the environment protection acceptance of metal screws 700t and parts fixture 150t production in 2010. In 2011, company plan to build 54 billion electronic connector projects for high precise electronic connector’s research, development and producing. This project has been assigned to NanJing Environmental Science Research to execute the comments of environment influence. And it passed the audit in September 2011 ([2011] No.185). The replaced cycle time is short during the building process because the precise connectors are quickly developed. Especially the pitch requirement is getting higher and higher. In order to adopt the variety of precise connectors market and future development, company decides to change the strategy. They separate the ‘’54 billion annual connector items” into two stage for building production and environmental acceptance. One stage (annual connector production 20.25 billion) and another stage (annual connector production 33.75 billion). Company assigned Nanjing Ko-Hong environmental technology limited Company to do the environmental influence revision. They got the reply in 2014 June ([2014] No. 61). The first stage had been started in 2012 December and finished in 2013 November, then had been approved and tried run on November 23th 2014. On 2015 Much 9th, Environment government agreed to prolong the try run date until November 23th. Now the first stage about project main engineering and environmental manage facility has already run. The production ability has achieved 75% design scale. It equipped with environmental acceptance requirement. This time, it will execute the acceptance application according to first stage content for production equipment and related environmental facilities which are mentioned above.


2. The executing situation of Environmental protection

The main content of the project is a continuous plating electronic connector production. The main pollutions are air waste, water waste and solid waste. According to [2011] No.185 [2014] No.61 Reply, the environmental executing situation are as below:



Project Basic Content

Evaluation and Execute situation


Waste water, waste air, solid waste and noise…the finished situation of process facility

1. Waste water and waste air facilities have already finished and according to environment evaluation, also finished adjustment. Among them, 50% waste water which had processed can be used in production. And current equipment has already finished installation and tests.

2. Choose low noise equipment. High noise equipment should adopt basic shock absorption and noise reduction solution.

3. Solid waste has already set the temporary place and depends on the garbage and wastes management requests and adopted the waterproof solution to prevent second pollution again. Dangerous solid waste has already sign the contract with the unit who can deal with the wastes.


Distribution of rain and sewage. The dismantle situation of environmental sensitive targets in health protection distance.

(1) Distribution of rain and sewage, multiplied usage, waste water process. The quality of water meet the requirement of GB 21900—2008.

(2) It has already risen up a transformation for the project of current industrial waste water facilities. Recycle the processed waste water (recycle rate is 50%). The rest water will be processed to be reached the index and then release.

(3) There is no one live within health protection 100M distance.


Sewage outfall is set according to the standard and the online monitors is installed and linked to Internet.

(1) According to《Management for sewage outfall setting and integration》(【1997】No. 122) to set each sewage outfall in standard.

(2) Sewage outfall has installed flow meter and online monitor machine of COD, Ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, TP, nickel, copper, hexavalent chromium, cyanide. It has already belonged in automatic monitor Internet managed system.


Set the urgent measures for project and accident

(1) Set the emergency plan

(2) Build the 300m3 emergency accident pool.


According to《Standard for Greening of Residential District and Companies in Jiangsu》(DB32/139-95)to do the green work well.


3. Monitor Acceptance Result

The environment monitor center in Jiangsu City has executed the monitoring of this project during the monitor time. Work situation can satisfy the production load and reach requirement of design production ability above 75%. Related monitor result from the attachment.

In order to fulfill public and fair principle, it accepts the public supervision. Display the environment acceptance situation of the project on our unit website as one of evidences.


Attachment 1:Galis Environmental monitor report

Attachment 2Galis Environmental monitor re-test report


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